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Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset

  • What languages do you work with?
    Finnish and English. Basic level articles, translations or ads are available in German and Swedish, too. I have studied both for nearly ten years.
  • What technologies or tools are you familiar with?
    Wix, WordPress, Prismic, Drupal, Magento MailChimp, Apsis Pro, Emaileri Google Ads, Google Analytics Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram (Ads, too) HubSpot, Pardot Salesforce, Lime CRM Canva Trello, Slack, Asana HotJar Teams, Zoom, Hangouts
  • How do you work during Corona?
    I meet clients via Teams, Hangouts or Zoom. I'm used to working over the Internet as some of my clients are international. I'm open for F2F meetings as well. Your call. The documents are easily stored and shared in Google Drive. Daily communication can be done in Slack or WhatsApp. I'm flexible with any technology preferences your company might have.
  • What fields have you worked with contentwise?
    Web development, technology, web design Ecommerce, marketing, sales Communication Emotional management Psychology Sharing economy Consulting, HR, (video) recruitment, management Customer experience, customer service Enterprise architecture Real estate Tourism Childcare services, teaching And many others: ask for more details.
  • How do you price your services?
    Either fixed prices per project or hourly rate. The price depends on the services, the number of hours and continuity. Let's find a cooperation model that suits us both! The first meeting or call is always free.
  • Do you have a writing portfolio?
    Yes, welcome! Please request a password first.
  • Are you open for subcontracting?
    Yes! Do tell more.
  • What's the story behind Zesty?
    In 2013 I started working as a part-time MarCom freelancer besides my day jobs and university studies. I got to work with very different business models, fields and cultures. I experienced how often communication was not synced with business development. Content creation was a constant struggle with so many aspects to cover: strategic and sales understanding, copywriting, SEO, multi-channel advertising, use of publishing system and all other technologies. In fall 2019 I decided that it was time to start working as a full-time entrepreneur. Zesty Communications Oy was founded. Zesty reflects my passion for communication - and how I see it as an underused resource. It's not an obligation but an exciting opportunity. Even in digital environments, it's all about human encounters. Words have tremendous influence. My goal is to help people and companies find their zest for communication and sell more especially online. This can be achieved with a bordesless view on digital marketing, sales and service design. I provide a productive way to outsource marketing and communication. I use your budget as if it was mine, proactively introduce new ideas and make sure that all processes are as streamlined as possible. Would you like to say hi to your potential customers? Let's get going!
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